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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letting Go....~ (Brand New Unopened)

It's not that I don't love you guys, but I think you guys are better off somewhere with a better owner.. take care always~ ;)

1. Pati Halia Mustajab

Item code : 011
Worn : Never (plastic n box still intact)
Reason for selling : Never use
Size : 130ml
Details : As in photo, retail price is RM22.00. I bought it at my nearby sundry shop at RM14.90. Now..
Price : Going for RM10! Quick grab it before it's too late! ;)

2. Clean & Clear oil control toner

Item code : 012
Worn : Never been opened
Reason for selling : Never use
Size : 50ml
Price : Retail price - RM6.90. Going for half price at RM3.50! Quick grab it before it's too late! ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reviewed in Pretty Treasures! ;D

I'm so happy cuz Pretty Treasures had reviewed this blogshop. Thank you!

I sure would love to browse around the blogshops in pretty treasures soon! ;)

Dancing on my toes is what I feel right now...tee hee~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reviewed in Kooki Club! ;D

(This is actually a 3rd April 2010 post, but I don't have a screenshot of my reviewed blogshop to attached with this post! So I'm just giving you the link..)

I've never been happier than to be reviewed by one of the popular blogshops and reviewer out there, Kooki (Club)! I've always loved their cute items & I'm also a satisfied customer from Kooki Fashion! Thanks! ;)

(Pic will b uploaded lay-tah when avaible! Thank again, KOOKI! ;p)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy
Item code : 010
Worn : Never
Reason for selling : Impulse buy
Size : Free (fits an S-M)
Measurements :(Will provide later!)
Material : Cotton
Details : Has 2 pockets at the front, silver embedded letters on body
Colour : Soft pink
Price : Going for RM10! Quick grab it before it's too late! ;)

Azure Exec

Hi, I'm back! ;)

The top below is best to be worn in the office. Throw in a tulip or A-line skirt and you're good to go! ;)

Azure Exec
Item code : 009
Worn : Once only, condition still as new
Reason for selling : Too small for me ;(
Size : Tagged M (def fits an S-M)
Measurements : (will give later!)
Material : Not sure, but very comfy,probably cotton+silk
Details : Has a matching ribbon belt! Can also double as a chic headband! ;)
Colour : Blue
Price : RM20

Fashion lookalike from Irene Lim.. ;)

An 'M'.. ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chocolate Mama

Item code : 007
Brand : ti:zed (as shown)
Worn : Twice, but condition is good as new
Reason for selling : Chocolate does not suit me well
Size : As tagged (XXL)
Bust : 42.5 cm; Vertical length : 38.5 cm; Sleeves length : 54.5 cm
Material : Jersey
Defect : Slightly torn at the right sleeve
Color : Mocha brown
Price : RM10 (bought at RM15)

Sweat It Out!

Item code : 006
Worn : Never; condition as new
Brand : Series
Reason for selling : Impulse buy
Size : Tagged 'XL'
Waist : 37.5 cm; Waist to crotch : 26.5 cm; Length : 93.5 cm; Thigh : 19.5 cm
Material : Cotton (comfortable fabric)
Color : Black with blue trimming and logo
Price : RM10